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Virtual Shift Chat, Younger People and Second Life With Nep Faulkes of Toppmart (18-30y/os)


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Nep Faulkes of ToppMart and me were casually talking about the ToppMart community, the younger people in Second Life and why they use Second Life instead of other virtual worlds or social 3D platforms like VRChat. Nep joined Second Life when she was 12-13 before getting banned for being underage and getting back as an adult, then also got her old account unbanned. ToppMart is a very active anime / gaming community within Second Life.

Didn't realize my voice was THAT bassy when I was doing the livestream until after I watched the replay, so I might be harder to hear but Nep was pretty clear.

There were some F words and Nep was generally unfiltered in how she voiced her opinions about things, so just a heads up if that's something that might put you off, but she's a nice person overall and didn't mean any harm :)



0:00 - Has the stream started already?
0:58 - Actual Start & Intro
1:52 - About ToppMart
2:42 - The People of ToppMart
3:40 - Do you guys play games together other than SL?
5:20 - Are you guys friends before ToppMart?
6:12 - How did the sim or community get started?
8:10 - I think you need to make ToppMart an educational sim for it to be eligible for that (bailout/discount)
8:49 - Do you think it's important for Second Life to appeal to the younger audience? (18-30y/os)
11:16 - I was talking about people like 18 years old when I said younger
12:36 - What thing? (that you guys get into, she was talking about GTFO)
14:30 - Do the GTFO people still go to your sim?
15:30 - Why do you think the younger people of SL use SL instead of like VRChat, for example?
17:33 - How long has Toppmart been around (for) now?
17:46 - Do you guys have any plan to expand the place?
18:40 - How big is Toppmart right now? As in the land size
19:16 - Have you guys ever think of like applying to be in the Second Life destinations guide?
21:51 - Wait, was that a cough?
22:32 - He (James Wagner of NWN) basically says the main problem with Second Life is the new user experience, do you agree with that?
24:51 - So how was your new user experience when you first joined Second Life?
29:07 - So, we're almost done with stream right now, do you want to tell people where ToppMart is?

Virtual Shift Project is a community initiative to show to people out there, especially younger people, the Second Life of today.

Virtual Shift Project website: https://virtualshift.net

ToppMart SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Onatopp/148/34/46

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1576 days.

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