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I truly chuckled this morning when I saw our local news. The headline for the below picture said:

"Cold front hits Colorado this week".



While that might be a bit of a 'cool down', I'd most definitely not go so far as to call it a "cold front".


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typos can be funny when we wonder what it might be if it wasn't a typo. Like this one in a forum topic

"We believe that providing top notch service to out tenants is of paramount importance"

maybe the tenants get outed for wearing a bikini and heels outside on a cold and windy day growing weed in their garden, and no fauxfur coat on. Or maybe they were spotted thru their window having a quiet dinner eating food, instead of doing the humpty on the dining table like normal people. Or maybe they let their pet cow eat fermented fruit and get wasted and then it went  wandering round the neighbourhood making drunky mooing sounds looking for a friend cow

it can on forever the wondering

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Every day I walk downtown and throw a sweet potato at the same person while they're waiting for the bus. My spouse saw me do this and yelled, "why don't you leave that poor person alone!? Don't be a jerk!" I said, "I'm sorry honey...It's who I yam."

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All jokes aside, scientists find talking duck
Reuters / September 10, 202111:52 AM MST

AMSTERDAM, Sept 10 (Reuters) - A Dutch scientist has uncovered old recordings of a musk duck mimicking the phrase, "You bloody fool!" - learnt when it was raised by humans in an Australian bird park.

Leiden University scientist Carel Ten Cate said that what was interesting about the vocal expression of the waterfowl, nicknamed "Ripper", was not so much the message, but that he could imitate humans at all.

Some species of animals, and notably birds such as parrots and songbirds, are capable of mimicking human speech. But the phenomenon is rare - if somewhat more common in animals raised by humans.

"To find a species quite outside these groups...in a duck, that's quite extraordinary. So it's an independent evolutionary occurrence of the ability for vocal learning - that's very special," Ten Cate said.

(from https://www.reuters.com/lifestyle/oddly-enough/all-jokes-aside-scientists-find-talking-duck-2021-09-10/ )



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I didn't realize until this morning watching a clip from Howard Stern as he was saying things like. He was a great comic, He was a genius, he was , he was, he was..

I kept saying to myself, why are they talking  like , He was..

Then it hit me.. Did he pass away! ?

 I just remember always enjoying watching him as I grew up, with him popping up here and there throughout the years..

I just liked the way he explained things, his whole presentation and keeping people guessing on what he would say next.. Then BAM!!

I'm gonna miss his humor and what would have came next..

Rest in peace Norm.


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