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Back when both my parents were alive, they shared one cell phone. Mom was the one who used it the most, though, because Dad was mostly deaf and preferred to use the landline, so on my phone the number just said "Mom". 

When Mom got sick and went into hospice care, Dad started carrying it. When Mom died, we had a going away party for her (we don't do funerals) and at the party, my phone started ringing. I picked it up to see who it was and nearly freaked out when it said "Mom". Then I remembered so I looked over at Dad expecting to see him calling me for some reason. Nope! No phone in his hand. 

I know I sat there for a minute or so pale as a sheet with my mouth hanging open before I could ask Dad where the phone was. 

It was in his back pocket. He butt-dialed me. 

I still laugh about it because if there is something that comes after, that's exactly the type of thing Mom would spend her afterlife doing for sh*ts and giggles. 

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On 5/20/2020 at 11:21 AM, Ardy Lay said:

Borrowed from a telephone switch vendor webinar:


I have really had my own phone number show up on my caller ID. The idiots spoofed my phone number to call me. How stupid can you get?

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I was hosting earlier; a VIP comes (deliberately blanked out their name) in so as usual I greet them and then they see me so get in my box; which never really phases me but this conversation was hysterical and new level of stupidity considering their been in SL 4 years per their profile. 

[15:04] ****** Resident: are you a cat girl
[15:05] ღ ѕeren ѕтorмdragon ღ (MrsSeren): neko yes
[15:08] ****** Resident: i'm a dog boy
[15:09] ****** Resident: we better stay away i guess

But yeah, okayyyy then so they left after I said neko. :/ 


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