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1 hour ago, Selene Gregoire said:

First it was SamSpam. Now it's TariSpam.

Have we truly sunk that low? 

Oh, but we have

Not only have we sunk

I have set anchor points deep within the sand

Good luck finding them 😄


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My nextdoor neighbor sent me a short video of her quiet and adorable seven year old granddaughter, sticking drawings to the fridge with magnets. Her mom asked her what she was putting up. In a tiny voice, she replied "my art". Then mom asked her how long she'd been stuck at home. She turned to the camera with a weary look and slowly said:







From the mouths of babes.


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It's after midnight...that means it's my birthday...that means I'm off to do birthday stuffs.....and stuff

My gift to you...silence from me for an entire day

Use it wisely

I'll  be back on the 18th 


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4 hours ago, Dano Seale said:

Did you just use my image without my permission?  😲

I used SOMEBODY's image without their permission, yes.  Whether or not it's yours remains to be seen.

DMCA me...I dare ya!

Edited by Lindal Kidd
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