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10 minutes ago, Storm Clarence said:

This weather event NEVER filed a RIC or AR on anyone EVER.  It is not my style.   No doubt you offended other people, as well.

Why in every hell would I believe a word from you, especially since a meme that is far more offensive than mine is still here, and you're the one with the stalker-ish obsession with me? 

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On 4/13/2020 at 1:50 PM, janetosilio said:

We’re doing our first group video conference at work...it’s going exactly how you would expect.


As much as I hate the stereotypical "if you're older than a millennial then you can't use a computer because you're stupid" stuff... it is still funny. This SNL skit reminded me of this post on FB


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Here is some OC:


Social distancing from extended family can be hard, but now there is a fast and easy way to avoid those family members with MyPolitics™! Simply apply MyPolitics™ onto your social media page, and it is guaranteed to socially distance you and up to 50% of your family! MyPolitics™ is not responsible for disastrous family reunions, Christmas gatherings, or other family gatherings. Do not use if you are allergic to drama, if you represent a company or plan on representing a company. Side effects may include unfriending, or internet social distancing. Talk with your corporate public relations officer before use.


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