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Just now, Tarina Sewell said:

Now we are showing our ages LOL loved watching this with my stepdad.  I still watch it when I am flipping through channels and see it.

It's the only show I will watch over and over and over. The 4077th was pretty much the only family I had. I was so so sad when they ended the show. The only show I actually cried over going off the air. The characters and actors have meant the world to me. It's going to really hurt when the last of them are gone.

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17 minutes ago, Selene Gregoire said:

Erm... mine's still up... :$

But what I didn't say is that it has been up since Christmas 2018. I never took it down and now he is using it for a night light. 🥴


He is night blind.

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42 minutes ago, Storm Clarence said:


I, too, think Vice President Mike Pence (the person in charge of this crisis) should get a new job.  I was thinking President of the  United States of America  2024

I would rather gargle with live coals than vote for this man.

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