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Plant texture colors

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Spring is here so I've started working on my flower textures. :)

But there's a problem, what color adjustments should I go for? I know I need to lighten the textures a lot for them to work in SL but that means loosing a lot of details so it's a tricky balance. And then of course, it's the pesky ridiculously exaggerated default windlight day cycle. Any advice.

For those who don't know what I'm talking about, look at this texture. It may be a bit too light but not that much:


Here's how it looks at noon, default windlight, ALM on - clearly way too dark:


At sunrise:


At sunset:


And at noon with my own custom made day cycle:




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Have you tried playing around with custom normals ?

Using the Normal Edit modifier and an Empty to modify the orientation of normals :




Note:  Object Data Properties > Normals > Auto Smooth needs to be enabled for this modifier to work.

( Or perhaps try the Data Transfer modifier for larger plants like bushes and trees. )

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Welcome back Aquila, I haven't seen you ehre for ages!


8 hours ago, Aquila Kytori said:

Have you tried playing around with custom normals ?

That won't work in this case unfortunately. This example is from a set I'm planning to sell as textures so I have no cotnrol over what surfaces people put them on.

I do occasionally use custom normals myself but they have their limits. Once you start rotating those normals in not-so-normal directions, you risk getting inconsitencies in shading compared to the surroundings and besides, rotating them upwards for a plant shape do tend to make them glow at night. It's a bit like "full bright light".

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