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Type: Sim Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate
Gifts: 17+ (Including two mainstores)
Price of Gifts: L$1 (MAXIMUM) 
Hunt Object: A Bee
Hunt Theme: BEE related (Beehives, bees, worker bees etc.)
Hunt Information: We aren’t a full sim hunt, we’re considering it a SIM hunt because it’s not a single store running a hunt. It’s a combined effort from the Beehive Café, Marketplace & Hangout crew to liven up our grand opening festivities. It’s not just about spring, it’s about what pollenates our life and gives us honey! We’re looking for festive bee themed items that will make people smile! There are at least 15 -17 store fronts/marketplace stalls plus two mainstores, and items will be scattered across the hangout and marketplace plus the two mainstores. We want to welcome new renters and welcome new patrons to our place. We’re also hoping to set up one of these every other month or so to have a good bout of fun! SO STAY TUNED! 

The theme has to fit in a general BEE related theme. Any questions just ask!


http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Morgan/122/73/27 <--- Check us out.

Contacts: Kieran Stephens (starlordx1983) or Daithi (Tokyo Enyo) [Both of them are me, but i'm on either of them at different times]


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