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it's a long story i'm sure you don't want to read, but i discovered that some businesses have a manager.


i've always thought i would do a lot better with a manager, or a PR person, or... something.  so my FIRST question is...
What does a manager do?

(i'm not talking about club managers, or mall managers, but a person who 'manages' stuff for a shop/brand.)

i'm generally good at creating stuff (i build, model, script, animate, even texture), but i suck at promotion and advertising.  and i HATE boxing up stuff and putting it in caspervend and marketplace.  i do have a couple people who have offered to help in making product photos at least, but...  that end of production is real slow.  stuff like posting advertisements, buying advertising space in world or on the marketplace, or getting into promotional events... i suck at. 

do managers handle all that?  do they do PR? do they do CS?  do they create copy and advertising images and stuff?  do they ride herd on the creator and demand deadlines and such?  do they ok/reject project ideas?



i see a quirky little shop like hextraordinary, and they have a manager... and i wonder... can i become big like them, too?

so my second question is...
How do I find a good manager?

And how much do I pay them?  do they get a percentage, a salary, wages, perqs...???


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nobody really replied to my topic?  (how did they know i was bad about following up on forums? :X)  managers just sharked me directly?  hm.


   well, i thought i'd add a little more details about me and my business(es), in order for any interested parties... to know if they were interested?


i'm aspie, and i do not respond well to people who get in my face, and advertisers.  i appreciate managers need to be gung-ho and in-your-face advertisers, just know i will have a negative reaction to that.

i do not use voice, i can't hear voice, i do not have the voice module installed.  part of my aspie affect is that i don't respond well to people talking to me.  i communicate via text only.


i have.... 3 and a half businesses.


1a: Willow Creek Mill:  this is for my tiny and titchy (and someday dinkie) stuff.

1b: Bloodsong Termagant/Termagant Industries:  this is for my non tiny/titchy/dinkie mods and products (chibi noodle, manticore, pudgy puff, etc etc), mesh builds, scripts, etc.

2:  3D Menagerie:  this is for my mesh animal and creature avatars.

3: Brass Ring Ranch:  this is for my horse-specific mods and stuff (mainly teeglepet).


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1150 days.

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