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Recreating our Belli ponds

Elena Core

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Usually I'm a forum lurker because other people are much better in describing things I wanted to say and I'm also not a native speaker and often struggle to find the right words. But now I have to come in defense of the poor belly, yes, the anatomy one.

When I hear/read Belli, I never think of the belly. For me it is all about belle/bella/bello/belli - an expression to admire the beautiful and it is also an endearing term you give to someone or something you deeply love.

Now to the belly. It isn't just an area where I digest and my food turns into unpleasant stuff, for me it is more than anatomy.

I gently stroke the belly of a little baby to soothe it, or that of my partner to caress him when we lay next to each other, relaxed and in bliss. When the neighbour's cat or dog are running towards me, they often throw themselves on the floor and roll around to show me their belly and they love when I stroke them there, which touches me because I take it as a sign of utter trust.

When I had singing lessons my teacher taught me that the strength and volume of your voice comes from the belly, not the lungs. When I had to learn how to speak in front of a large audience, the coach made me aware of the same.

In all sorts of meditation, yoga or tai chi classes I took, it always came down to the belly being the center of, yes, strength. Breathing deep down into the depth of your belly calms you down like nothing else.  Even in a class about self defense I learned to use that strength to let the force of the attacker pivot into another direction, away from me. And I will be forever proud that I managed in the same class to break a board by hitting it with the side of my hand using the strength of my belly.

And no, this isn't about my achievements, but about the incredible importance of the belly, who is so much more than a device to digest. It is also about Bellisseria, who seems to have the same strength to me concerning the future of Second Life and might have a similar impact to the people logging in and embracing its strength. To me it certainly does. And therefore, I'm sorry, I will continue to say/write Belli and because I love Bellisseria, admire it and – oops, don't even remember anymore if it is Bellesseria or Bellisseria, seeing both variations in all places, ashes on my head. And because it is LL's latest baby, a beautiful, mole made creation that gives me joy and strength to withstand the storms of life and calm down, relax and be utterly happy, I just can't help using this term of endearment. Even though I usually hate abbreviations too! But love is stronger.

running back to my lurking corner, shaking head about myself, asking why all that babbling and belly ramble, and as usual the wrong words at the wrong time in the wrong place and there is a reason I should stick to lurking

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It' Ok @Beth Macbain; I've learnt something new, so it's all good. The night is dark and full of terrors

@Kitten Kaos @Saphyre Cyberstar @Nika Talaj, thank you for all the tips  and pictures, I will definitely check those stores!!!!! Nika, that pond you've made is just perfect; since I'm getting so many things after reading everyon'es recommendations, I already have some stones (my inventory has 'slightly' increased).

Something tells me I'll end up with a flood in a sandbox when attempting to build mine, so I'd rather wear some water wings.... 

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 632 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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