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This group contacted me via my Facebook page. I looked around their sites and listened to their music and decided to write up an article to share them with all of you...

You can read the entire entire article here.

HGMM: Tell us about the name "Peace Theory". What is the origin of the name? Is this the band's first name or has it gone through changes?

RON PALOS (bassist and vocalist): The original name of the project (when it started as an acoustic duo!) was Palos Pescados, a play on the last name my brother and I have. When we found our current drummer, we changed the name to Terra Nullius, which means “Land of No One” in Latin. After discovering a European band on YouTube with the same name, we changed it to Peace Theory! The names were roughly inspired by the readings I did in my Humanitarian classes in college as well as the concept of “circular healing” as it applied to social/community issues.


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