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A Prattle of Avatars: A Chronicle of Fabulous Fashion, Glorious Gossip, and Tasteless Coffee

Scylla Rhiadra

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Welcome to this, a chronicle and ongoing record of the weekly klatch of, well, us.

Once a week, generally (but not necessarily always) on the weekends, an informal gathering of forumites is convened at a variety of locales throughout Second Life, to parade choice selections from our wardrobes, engage in utterly pointless chitchat, and just generally hang together. We don't have a "group," there is no "membership," and certainly no fees. Although the attendees are probably most closely associated with the so-called "vanity" threads here, our get-togethers are open to anyone who would like to drop by and waste some time with a group of friendly (if somewhat feckless) residents. Many of our weekly meetings are "themed" in some way or another (e.g., beach party, superheroes and heroines, etc.), but costume is not obligatory: mostly, what we would like to see is you.

This thread is intended to function as a repository for pictures from our gatherings: the focus is on informal snapshots of people having a nice time together rather than upon "the art of photography."

If you're interested in joining us (and we hope that you are!), we will post information about upcoming klatches here; you should also feel free to contact nearly anyone tagged in these pictures.

To start things off, I'm posting some pics of this week's gathering, themed around "fairies" (not my idea!), and generously hosted by @TatianaNikolay. I wasn't able to grab snaps of everyone who dropped by (apologies to @Saskia Rieko, @MrsSeren, and @Madelaine McMasters), but here is a selection of those there today!

@Ajay McDowwll



@Matty Luminos









@Saravendi and @Catrie






Are you looking for fame and fortune?

Well, this isn't the group for you! But, if you'd like to hang out with some welcoming people who enjoy showing off their extravagant clothing, consider joining us!

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@Scylla Rhiadra well it was great fun to see everyone in their fairy best 🧚‍♀️

Wonderful intro to this thread... between you and Momo, Tati, Ajay, Carrie, Neph, Matti and others... I’m getting psyched out to post among such amazing photos and your wordsmithing! I did however grab a shot of you and will force myself out of my comfy bed and get it up so all can see!


~ S

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@Ivanova Shostakovich For starters... you can IM any of us and we’ll let you know the next date and time. Probably next Sat or Sun... but our venues change and the times are moving around in order to accommodate attendees time zones from all over the world! I would check in with this thread going into the weekend (maybe Thursday) and we’ll be posting info and updates.

I believe next week is PJs, so that’s going to be fun!

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1 hour ago, Peony Swee*****er said:

Thanks, @Scylla Rhiadra! I’ve been looking at the group exploits at various times and thought I should reach out sometime...I’m much too work focussed when I get in world, and should try to be more social. I’ll certainly keep an eye out for happenings and join in if it fits with my eccentric Aussie times 🙃

Another Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi! *snorts a laugh because... Aussie-isms* (I swear I am not a complete bogan) 🤭

For what it's worth there's been a lot of chatter regarding how best to accommodate all the different time zones as @Saravendi mentioned, whether that's alternating times or alternating days  from Sunday to Saturday (since generally Sunday equals our Monday here Down Under) and I'm still not sure that anything's been set in stone. But it is a constant work in progress, as all good art (and artists) should be. ✍️

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Scylla, thank you for the pictures!  I love how they turned out ❤️  Although I can't imagine what you meant by "fidgety"... 🤣

And y'all, anyone who wants to join in, this is just a blast.  If you're able to work it into your schedule, we'd love to have you!

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Heyo, everyone!

Good work on the thread and pictures Scychan! ♡

I just wanted to put in on the time thing real quick before I head to work, then I'll catch up on everything else in the thread!

But I believe the agreed thing to do is to have two days of meet ups that alternate every week so that themes are carried two weeks total. Both days are meant to try and be as accommodating as possible, so for the group that meets that day, we have times to aim for but they don't always have to be exactly then. 

We try to be flexible.

One week is Sundays with an aim to meet at 10 AM SLT, but sometimes this meet up happens earlier or a little later.

And one week is Saturdays with an aim to meet around 1PM SLT, or a little earlier or a little later. ♡

It's no "requirement" to come to both, but you can come to as many meet ups as you think you can come to! ♡

Generally they run about an hour to two hours depending on what's going on that meet up, which typically it is just fun, casual talk. But, ya never know what's going to happen!

Since the schedules a little wonky, we'll try to notify everyone a week ahead of time from meet date so people can plan around and such!

The next meet time, due to prior agreement to us deciding times, as long as no one is opposed, is Sunday again. (Or we can do Sunday and Saturday this one time, if enough people are interested! I'd personally be down for that!)

The week after we'll go to Saturday and start alternating weeks.

The themes will be Pajamas. ♡

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