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hair hair hair..


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1 hour ago, Jordan Whitt said:

Okay just been shopping...

   Well, your hair folder is almost 4 times the size of Neph's entire inventory ..

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Dahlings, hundreds of hair styles? You are all too wicked and extravagant!

I feel terribly inadequate and positively déclassé around you all. My own fille de chambre informs me that I have a mere 95 (mesh) styles!

Of course . . . I only buy the nicest styles.

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On 3/1/2020 at 4:39 AM, xBaeBeex said:

what are peoples thoughts on hair? ..do you collect, or do you have just a few favorites..?

now reason Im asking.. im wondering if I should ..clean out most of this.. (im kinda really over the olive stuff) ..out of everything I've listed, I only really wear 2 hairs from rama, and 3 from Opale.. 

and the idea of wiping most of this clean, and buying something new ..like an investment hair..something thats good and high quality (yes from Doux) ..making a minimalist collection of hair is something that is attractive to me. 

what do you guys think? ..am i being too picky? ..or does the idea of having 2 or 3 high quality hairs..outdo the idea/situation of haiving a bunch of lower quality hair? 

please help.. ! ..lol

Oh. My. God. I collect; I buy SO MUCH HAIR. 

Because I do a lot of fantasy costumes and suchlike, I almost exclusively buy only fatpacks (I need ALL THE COLOURS!) but the only hair-maker I regularly pay full price for is Magika because they are so cheap, and the hair is wonderful. I think I have about half of their newer ones already, and a few older ones too, and I probably won't stop until I have them all. 

I also love Truth and I pick up all their group gifts, but I have purchased maybe two or three other fatpacks from there, a couple from Exile, and one from Stealthic because I needed a very curly style. I used to like No Match a lot too and I still have loads from there, but since moving over to Magika and Truth, I've fallen out of love with the textures and now I rarely wear them.

I have a ton of "one off" styles from other creators too, mostly those have been gifts or discounts from events like Hair Fair etc. Very few of those have inspired me to check out their mainstore and buy more.

I would never toss any hair unless it looks absolutely so bad that I cannot imagine myself wearing it under any circumstances, and I have tossed those out already. But that said, I do have a handful of favourites that I wear very regularly; Surrender by Truth, Autumn and Sage by Magika, Somber by Stealthic, Selene by Exile.

When I'm looking for new hair, there are a few things I look for;   vibrant textures with a realistic, natural look (which is why I don't buy from places like Lamb; they always look "washed-out" to me), and wherever possible, a built-in mesh hairbase giving a wispy look around the hairline. And if it's long, it absolutely MUST work well with a flat chest. Too many of them, even on the smallest size, stick out in front over boobs I don't have. 

Sorry though, this is probably not helping you one little bit... 

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 602 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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