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Bellisseria Slenderman Sightings

Slenderman Bellisserian

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13 hours ago, SlashTE said:


Yeah Bellisseria Slenderman has no words for it either...


Bellisseria Slenderman Bananas_002.png

Honestly? This is the scariest Slenderpic I've seen thus far.  


I'm FAR more terrified by the thought of hulking, bruised banana-folk lurking in the caliginous abyss... rising from the depths of the sea like some wave of Lovecraftian horrors.  Those EYES.  Ugguhghghhgh nightmare fuel.


Gives a whole new meaning to the word Doleful 😛

Dole Bananassss.png

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4 minutes ago, SlashTE said:

Someone was dabbling with a Bellisseria Slenderman Beacon...


Bellisseria Slenderman Beacon_001.png

Oh gosh this is so embarrassing. I accidentally pulled out a bunch of stuff from my inventory before logging off this evening and I guess I pulled the summoning sign out too! I'm so sorry Mr. Slenderman if you met with our security orb. I feel so bad now! I apologize profusely. :(

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On 3/28/2020 at 6:58 PM, SlashTE said:

Bellisseria Slenderman spotted in Honey Junction...

From Michelle Springfield:  I was getting ready to go to the beach and lo and behold I saw THE Bellisseria Slenderman on my radar. He was actually hanging out in my Bellisseria neighborhood! So cool! So I decided to forgo the beach and instead go hangout with the Bellisseria Slenderman. I spent like a good hour or more with Slenderman. I went on mic and chatted to him. He obviously doesn't speak or interact but I knew he could hear me. I think chatting to him was far more therapeutic than seeing a shrink! LOL! He did allow me to hug him, not just once but THREE TIMES! I feel so privileged! Slenderman, thank you for the lovely evening and all the hugs. I do hope I see you again soon. Note: I look naked in the picture, but I was not. I had on a micro bikini because I was about to go to the beach.



Bellisseria Slenderman sighted by Fish & Chips_003.png


Michelle hugging Slenderman again! Huney Junction (125, 231, 42) 3.28.2020._001.jpg

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Just now, Kelli Voom said:

oooOOOhhHHH I see how it is - Slenderman doesn't hug or dance or pay you any mind - *unless* you're a blondie in a microbikini

LOL Kelli! Jealous? 😆 Actually, I've seen pictures of him hugging others. But he still sticks to his RP with not speaking and other than forcing him to hug with my hug HUD, he doesn't interact. Friends want to know why I would want to hug a monster. Hey, why not? Don't monsters need hugs and love too? Maybe someone can turn a monster into a good monster (is there such a thing?) with lots of love and hugs. Kelli, I dare you to summon the Slenderman, wearing a microbikini and hug Slenderman. I betcha you will get a few good snapshots of it! Give it a try. I'm sure he won't mind hugs from a brunette in a microbikini either. 😉




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