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Bellisseria Slenderman Sightings

Slenderman Bellisserian

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A very short break in the RP for a very important message and I'm reusing an old photo since it seems appropriate here...


We are living in very serious times outside of this sheltered little world of SL.  Here... the worst thing that might happen is Bellisseria Slenderman may find you... But out there in Real Life there is a real struggle for us all to survive amidst this terrible virus...

As perhaps your oddest of SL friends my advice is simple...

Breath a little... STAY at home if you can... trust the advice of the scientists and experts... allow yourself to have this escape here in SL... We WILL get through this together as a world family...

The person behind the Bellisseria Slenderman just wants you to know you are loved and valued...  I am happy you are here...

Everything is going to be ok...

Except your avatar... Bellisseria Slenderman will still be coming for that...



Bellisseria Slenderman


Now back to being creepy again


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