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Bellisseria Slenderman Sightings

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On February 10th 2020, right before the beginning of a world wide pandemic a tall, mysterious and very EVIL figure appeared at a small gathering of party goers in Campwich Forest.  On that day of his

I would like to take a moment to "step out of character" for a moment which I so rarely ever do. I have enjoyed being a part of Bellisseria and adding to the flavor of it a bit with the character

Old ladies don't scare easily (unless he finds out where I live).

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1 minute ago, Slenderman Bellisserian said:

Did Bellisseria Slenderman find Bella in the 80's too...

Seems so...

Where is Devo when you need them...


Bellisseria Slenderman Sees Bella in the 80's_001.jpg

Whip it! Whip it! Whip it! 😜

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11 minutes ago, Maximus Mole said:

Ah, Slendie...


Somedays you're the photobombER, some you get to be the photobombEE. ;)



What a sharp Mole next to a sharp Slendie! Oh wait, where is my sharp mole bear?! 😁

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Some go to church on Sunday...

Others watch some sort of game of ball with a foot...

Still others go to some party in Bellisseria to dance...

Then there is Bellisseria Slenderman who shows up at your party to stand their awkwardly and do NOTHING...

Because he is EVIL...



Bellisseria Slenderman shows up at a party and DOES NOT DANCE_001.jpg

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So just when you think he has finally settled in...

When you are totally unsuspecting and unaware...

He MOVES the Bellisseria Slenderman Gallery AGAIN...

Now in an even MORE EVIL location than before...

Come see the Gallery...

See the many EVIL photos...

Find the Hidden locations...

Ride the Roller Coaster...

Do the HUNT for EVIL prizes...



Bellisseria Slenderman Gallery_009.jpg

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