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Bellisseria Slenderman Sightings

Slenderman Bellisserian

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31 minutes ago, SlashTE said:

Oh just when you think he has not found enough ways to terrorize Bellisseria...

Now he has a Balloon!


Bellisseria Slenderman Balloon Day_001.jpg

Bellisseria Slenderman Balloon Day_002.jpg

Now he needs a car, motorcycle, boat, and train too.... We will never be safe!

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That's like saying 'ohh man, I'm gonna be a victim of this delicious ice cream sandwich!'

it was a lovely ride.  And much cleaner than his house, our poor Slenderfella has just spilled like.. ALL the cranberry sauce in that place, stains everywhere!

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42 minutes ago, SlashTE said:

When traveling in Bellisseria there are a few crucial things to take into account to avoid encountering the Bellisseria Slenderman...

Do not go alone...

Do not stop to rest...

and Never go into dark places...



Bellisseria Slenderman Dark Places.jpg

but i do all those thing & have never ran into you :P

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