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Cara Lionheart

Serenity City Newbie Center - GRAND OPENING

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Serenity City is proud to announce the newest addition, our brand new Newbie Center!

We are having our GRAND OPENING on Sunday February 23rd, from 10am all the way to 10pm SLT!  We will have live DJs and Hosts entertaining you all day long and contests to win some lindens! 

Our Newbie Center is designed to be a friendly and helpful place for new avatars to come and learn how to get around in Second Life, as well as meet other newbies and experienced residents who will be happy to help with any questions.

We have 4 Tutorial spaces with lessons that anyone can use at any time to learn the basics, and a large classroom space where live classes can be taught.  We welcome any instructors who want to come and teach a class on topics that new players would need.

Everything at the Newbie Center is FREE.  We also have landmarks to places which give out freebies, and we welcome any content creator that wants to put out free things for newbies and advertise their store.

We also have a bunk room for homeless avatars, and private changing rooms for those that need a quiet space to work on their avatar or clothing.

We have a full city with all kinds of activities, all of them FREE to do. We also have a couple of shops to browse around in, and a fantastic dance club. 

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hidden Serenity/139/134/1264

If you have any questions at all, please contact Jaxx Doulton or Cara Lionheart. 

Event Schedule
Serenity Newbie Center

All times are SLT

10am - Noon
DJ: Teapot
Hostess: Cara
Contest: Best Classic Avatar

Hostess: Tina
Contest: Best in Leather

2pm - 4pm
DJ: Annarita
Hostess: Kim
Contest: Best Formal Wear

DJ: Audry
Hostess: Cara
Contest: Best Crazy Hats

DJ: Trinity
Hostess: Kiki
Contest:  Best 1920's Outfit

DJ: Ursula
Host: Teapot
Contest:  Best in DEMOs

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Reminder - The GRAND OPENING is today!  We start at 10am SLT and run until 10PM SLT.. come and see our Newbie Center and all the fun things we have to do in Serenity City, all of it FREE!

Oh and did we mention all the contests today!  :D

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