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  SafeWord is a *NEW* BDSM & LGBTQ friendly hangout/lounge that is working hard to be a part of the community. We have an interest in discussions with various topic genre's, live acts, BDSM Education, Dj/Host Events, & anything else that might 'pop' up.
As a new venue, we are looking to hire Dj's, Hosts, Dancers, Managers, Discussion Leaders, Live Acts, or anyone who has a strong interest or already existent knowledge base to join us and become what I hope ends up being one of the best BDSM Community hangouts.
  Our beautifully designed 1/4 SIM gives a calm feel as you have the option to explore. We have several things for you to see and do, so don't be a stranger to checking out what all we have to offer, even if it's just hanging around because you enjoy it here, we are very pleased to be able to open up a place that makes you feel comfortable.
  Our goal is to create an area for people to gather and become a staple in the BDSM Community and we hope with the help of some members who also look for the same goals, we can make this possible. We are very glad you have found interest with us.
For applications, please visit our location: [http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ancient%20Ireland/197/219/22] and you can receive an application through accepting our greeters folder, or clicking on the application stand on the inside left of the entrance. Thank you for stopping by.
      -Owner K Metal Grey Spires (KhalanLyra Resident)-

.___SafeWord___. Official Insignia LOGO.png

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Hello , I am interested in filling out an application . Im having trouble getting to an application , when I go to the destination it brings me to a house I would like a bit of guidance please. thanks in advance 



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okay sorry to bombard you with questions , so I went and got an application I believe . I'm still rather new and looking to have a job in something that interests me alot. I seen that the application had either resident host or the other option and I clicked other option but there was nothing else that popped up. Im wondering if there was more I was suppose to do . Thanks

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