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How much do I have to charge my clients for some sex? I am new.


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Just when you think you've heard them all...

Hi, @Macaren4it, welcome to Second Life.

You don't "have" to charge a thing.  Just as in RL, most sex here is freely given out of affection or attraction.  But since you say you have "clients", I guess you've decided to try escorting (Second Life's polite term for prostitution).

You can do this as an independent, or you can join a sex club/escort service.  They'll probably have some rules for you to follow...they'll want a cut, too.  In return, they provide a venue where you're likely to find clients, and like-minded people to talk to when things are slow.

As a "working woman", you should, of course, charge all the traffic will bear!  How much this is will depend on several things.

  • How your avatar looks.  Newbie avatars won't have a lot of success.  You need to look super hawt!  Your fellow sex workers can help show you what sort of look works.
  • How well you interact with your clients.  Just jumping on a bed with someone and letting the animations run won't cut it.  You should be skilled at flirting, with flattering a client, and in the use of chat emotes to play out a steamy love scene. 
    • Note that a lot of places are now set up for "AFK sex".  This is the complete opposite.  You set your avatar on a bed, and just walk away from your computer.  Then you hope you're sexy enough looking for some guy to stroll by, jump on, get his jollies, and (you hope) leave a tip in thanks.
  • Some SL escorts offer services beyond straight sex.  Bondage, to start with...and going right on up to "no limits sex" in which you won't get paid if you balk at ANYTHING the client asks you to do.  This can get pretty gross.
  • Many SL escorts offer "voice" or "cam" service.  This is up to you, but it's going well beyond SL and in my opinion greatly increases your risks.  If you're willing to go on RL camera while you display yourself, remember...one day your parents or your boss or your husband might see that video.  If you're going this route, you'll make a lot more money on the many porn sites outside SL.  SL boys are cheap.
  • If you're really new, see my blog posts, "The Mechanics of Cyber Sex" and "Kinky Pixels".
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The short answer: Nothing.

The long answer:

Prostitution in SL is a niche, not mainstream. People who hire an escort, have typically certain expectation.
They expect you not only to be available for sex, but to be good at it.

As a noob, it is practically impossible to meet those expectations. This goes way beyond the sexiness of your avatar, but includes the mechanics of pose adjusting , knowing your way around the most common sex menus, knowing the Aeros hud, your ability to RP sex in text chat (or voice by that matter) and what exactly are you willing to do and what not (limits). Also you need certain equipment (Huds) to match expectations.

Nobody pays for sex with a noob (well, maybe another noob). Once you have become a professional sex worker you set your own rates. Typically a whore charges between 1.000 L$ and 3.000 L$ an hour for text based sex, 5.000 L$ to 10.000 L$ an hour for voice sex.

First things first. In addition to Lindal blogpost, read my guide to virtual sex to start with.


You might want to read my own experiences and adventures as an escort girl. Gives you an idea what is required and expected and how the life of an escort in sl really is:


Practice. A good way is to work at Cafe CumCum to start with. There you are a waitress who is available for sex to the guest(only against tips!). It is a good way to get a hang of it and practice your skills before you do the "real thing". Alternatively contact my partner for training, that's his job in our business (see my profile for details).

This gives you a clue what the job is like:

Most important advice:

Don't go into this unless you really enjoy it yourself. If you don't and you just spread your virtual legs for a couple L$ its a waste of time.

Btw: I am into the sex business since years.

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Hello Macaren. I am hoing to give you an SL prostitution 101. The most important thing is that you need to invest in your avatar. Have a mesh body, head and clothes. Problem? You need Lindens. You can Buy lindens or you can start waiting for clients in sex sims. Offering voice is the best option to earn lindens. Because people tend to care less that you are new to second life. This option is the slowest and you must be patient.

If you have a good Avi you can then apply to SL strip clubs, meet clients and receive help in emoting and offering your services.


For people to hire you you need to be truthful with yourself.bif you are new to everything 1000L for text and 2000 for voice (15 minutes but be more flexible at the start). Whenever you have mesh and a good escorting level. You have good feedback etc... And then I would up it all 1000L.

Prepare a ratecard with all the services you offer, a description of you, what you are into and a professional photo.

The professional photo is important for people to hire you




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Hey there!

As someone who currently freelances as a Text Escort and has worked at quite a few clubs, let me give you some tips!

~ The most important thing is your avatar. Most if not all clubs in Second Life will not hire newb avatars. You will need to invest in a mesh body (Maitreya, Belleza, Legacy. etc) and head (Catwa, Genus, etc) to look your best. You will need to purchase lindens in order to afford those however, or work at sims such as Escort Oasis or other sex sims.

~ Every club has an application note-card that details their specific requirements and rules for employment. Almost all of them require you to be human-only (no ears, tail, etc) and have a strict height requirement. Generally most clubs will have you work a minimum of 5 hours per week, sometimes up to 10 for girls who are exclusive to the club and don't work anywhere else. Clubs can offer a place to work, clientele, and girls to hang out with who are of a similar mindset and experience.

~ Most girls who start out with escorting do text services first. This is basically erotic roleplay that you are charging people ("clients") for. Most text escorts charge anywhere between $3000-$5000 lindens. If you are comfortable enough to offer voice or cam services you will make a lot more. Voice girls tend to charge upwards of $5000-$8000 lindens. Cam girls tend to always charge a minimum of $10,000 lindens. You do what you feel comfortable with, and don't let anyone pressure you into doing anything you don't like.

~ Escorts tend to offer services in 30 or 60 minute blocks of time. Generally 30 minutes is a good bet, as most guys don't generally last long enough to fill an hour of time lol. You can also offer 15 minute quick services like blowjobs or hand-jobs. I charge $1500 lindens for a blow-job as an example.

~ Always, always set limits. Write up a good list of rules for clients to follow so you won't end up hurt and they know exactly what to expect of you.

~ Invest in good clothes! A lot of clothing creators offer skimpy outfits, lingerie and such that work great for stripping and escorting. My two favorites are Violent Seduction and Sweet Thing.

~ Get professional photos for your profile and ad-boards. Guys will check your profile and they want to see nice photos of your avatar to get an idea of who they might be hiring. If you have crappy photos, chances are guys won't pick you first. There are some great studios out there with reasonable rates, or you can take photos yourself and use editing software to touch them up nicely.

~ Ad-boards, use them! All clubs and sex sims have boards you can rent weekly for a small fee. Use these to show yourself off around the grid, and place your note-card in them so when a guy clicks on your board they get a copy of your rate-card that lists your services.

~ Make a rate-card! Rate-cards show all of your available services, list a good description of yourself, and your rules/limits for clients to respect. Keep it short and to the point, most guys don't want to read a bunch of text - they just want to see the price tag. Link a few images of your avatar too, as a teaser.

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First off, I looked at your profile. Not profile pic, nothing in Picks" and not even a sarcastic comment in the RL section. then you have lap/sexy dances at 10L and whatever 'mysterious room' at 100L. No payment on file is also another red flag this is a throw away/alt account. Right off the bat you appear to be by your (lack of) profile a dude in a girl avi trying to make a few bucks. So start with building a nice looking avi, a good profile pic, a meaningful profile, etc... Hardly any club will hire a 2 week old in any case, and even some 'adult' area require a avi to be at least 30 days old

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o boy...  less than 30 days old...  ummm  I was thinking about this one.  Yes, i agree with everyone work on what ur avi looks like.  You will need to invest some lindens.  I think starting off dancing for linden tips is a good start.  Not stripping...  Just like go-go dancing.  Actually I think its were u must start.  There are controls, etc you have to get used to using.  Then I would spend not some time...  I would spend a lot of time at sex clubs watching what controls are being used, when then are being used and under what circumstance.  U may need to ask people what stuff they are using or where to get it.  There is so much out there.  At ur avi age do u even know what an rlv collar is and how to use it?  And not to bypass u should be very good at talking to people, etc.  uuggg...  Lots for u to research.

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Well I'm not the original poster, but I appreciate all the advice that's been given! I've been a little curious about trying prostitution on SL, and I have spent a little time on Whore Street. I was delighted that i made a tidy little sum! Not real money, but definitely enough to fund shopping for clothes, heads, and bodies! And I had fun doing it! So I've been thinking about taking it up another level!

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