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Finding your "style" on SL..


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I was thinking this might be a fun topic to talk about how everyone finds their "style" on second life. I just saw another thread about the "baddie" style.. and it got me thinking.. along with how i've been feeling in SL.

For a while now I have been enjoying the major brands like Blueberry and Scandalize.. but Ive also started wearing some Evie and I was sooo happy to see Rama clothes taking part in the saturday sales. .. I'd say im quite drawn to the cute clothes.. pinks, purples, holos.. hello Cabbodle I'm looking at you. Also Cynful. 

What about everyone else? Where do you shop? What do you consider to be your style or choices you tend to make alot of when shopping? 

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I like to mix and match stuff so i have  no specific tastes. For me it's kinda fun to play with a different styles.

Here's my Top 20 stores:
Giz Seorn
Dead Dollz
E-clipse design
Bauhaus movement

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4 hours ago, xBaeBeex said:

Where do you shop? 

and probably some other creators
Cold Ash (sadly he is one of the less who forgot about Legacy but some clothes still fit)

4 hours ago, xBaeBeex said:

What do you consider to be your style or choices you tend to make alot of when shopping? 

It depends for which occasions i am looking for clothes. Grunge, Street Style, smart-casual, semi-formal, formal or the Beach .. as long the textures are good and the clothes do not have a stiff look, i might take a demo. I won't buy pants which are too tight or without a fitting belt (except its a really great fit without) and i dislike shirts which can't be tucked in. Ahh, and i like to mix and match. I drive my girlfriend crazy :)


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My style is: See it, Like it, Buy it

Amongst the places i've had good stuff from are
Caboodle (love the Holo & Metallic options)
Fashionably Dead
Belle Epoque 
Rebel Gal 
Clef de Peau 
Tres blah
Valentina E
Secret Store
plus lots more i can't recall off the top pf my head

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I generally aim for dark clothing with some kind of (eccentric/flamboyant) flair, as well as sharp but not unpleasant contrasts. Generally with more coverage than bare skin, though not exclusively so... mainly because you stand out a lot more being modestly/formally dressed in our scantily clad virtual world.

Favorite stores would be...

For moddable clothing: Neve, CLBlue, Krankhaus, Mutresse, AsteroidBox, Razor

For non-moddable clothing that's still customizable enough: L&B, Blueberry

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   It varies, and it's different between my main and my alt. For Orwar, there is very little in terms of apparel that interests me; the few creators whose products I find appealing with some frequency, I simply follow them on Flickr. Deadwool used to be my 'favourite' brand, but I've skipped several of their releases as of late as it feels as if they're changing style into something that isn't for me, now the only brand I'll buy just about everything new from, is ContraptioN. 

   For Neph it's more about just checking sales and events, and also following a couple of creators on Flickr. She's not the Blueberry type though, and whilst she does have some stuff of theirs, it's mostly from sales or from before I was entirely decided on her style. For her it's easier to find stuff though, if I want a specific piece of apparel I can just search it on the Marketplace and see what's available, and pick whichever option I like best. Her current outfit is from Bella Moda, MALified and Cult. 

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omg so many shopping lists ❤️

most of my favorites have already been mentioned, however lemme add to that


toksik - i honestly believe i own this whole store i just can't refrain lol they are soo up my alley

nar mattaru

noble creations

the forge

random matter






david heather - this store is everything to me lol

violent seduction 

shina shan

fallen gods

miss chelsea


enfant terrible



cerberus xing cx

nocturnal couture 



rosary - for that loong smooth awesome fur coat of theirs lol 

LANA - best plastic clothes anywhere and i cannot stress it enough lol




vive nine/ryvolter



eternus - great great great rising store





le fil casse

little fox


big beautiful doll 

bumblebee - new but lotsa potential 








beauty factory




 ughh i could go ooon. i just buy a lottaaa things lol . xD my style is best defined as ancient mythological combined with cyber-futuristic with lots of occult holdables or exotic pets as accessories, a touch of insanity and haute couture and a lot of avant garde. *mew* also sometimes i'm a cat. or a panther. a lioness too. feline stuff xD lol

i need coffee in me so badly after brainstorming all this lol hope hope hope it helps somebody some day. x


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Ditto all the stores from @Claireschen Hesten ... with special emphasis on Tres Blah and Coco. I also really like M.birdie, though those clothes are usually gacha. I just buy those on MP to get exactly what I want.

My style is mostly cute casual, and I tend to stay away from overly revealing clothing. Basically anything that I would wear in RL. For a world where you an be anything I’m sure that sounds boring, but those are the things I like! 

2 hours ago, Cinos Field said:

.....Generally with more coverage than bare skin, though not exclusively so... mainly because you stand out a lot more being modestly/formally dressed in our scantily clad virtual world.



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I'm not even sure that I have a style, and I don't have many favourite stores. My shopping habits involve trawling the MP for something specific, and I mostly don't really pay any attention to where it comes from.

For more masculine clothes to fit with v-tech, my favourite is Krankhaus, with honourable mentions to Two Sided and Cubura. For shoes I like KC and Shey.

For everything else, I go by fit. I need clothes that work well on my shape; very low breast size and very high on the muscle sliders; these often cause clothes to distort in odd ways. I also need sleeves no longer than elbow length  because it looks really weird to see an empty sleeve moving around like there's a phantom limb inside it. So I wear mostly sleeveless or short sleeved summery things. 

And most important, I need lots of colours, so I look for modifyable clothing, and fatpacks with huge huds. Lately I have been buying mainly full perm mesh templates and texturing them myself, which is often better value than buying a fatpack.

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As a furry avatar user, For Bases I've settled somewhere with (Fitted) Kemono and Solarian, with some ONA Kobold now and then. Anything like hair and outfits vary between brands, as it mostly depends on what species I'll be as well as the theme I'd be going for it



My Phoenix is running Fitted Kemono and is using Starbright clothing, but Starbright made both. Semi sci-fi themed.

My Chinese 'dragon' is using the Kobold Base, but due to the Asian motive wears Carbon's Qipao and Sneak Boots.

My Solarian Umbreon is donning True Twisted Love's Sailor dress, bit more anime in look I'd think.


Outfits? Pah, I just straight up change avatar completely.


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I am currently changing my style, and taking advantage of easier layering with BOM to go for a mix and match wardrobe. I have less pieces than I used to, but I like everything and it mostly all goes together so I can make multiple outfits from the same pool of clothing items. When we returned to second life last year all the wearable stuff in my inventory was very out of date, so it was a chance for a complete clear out and a new start. Keeping to a fixed colour palette is easier for me.

Shopping take longer, because I'm trying potential new purchases with things I already own. Now that I am consciously dressing for a more mature look the thought processes of buying need updating as well!

Today I'm wearing;


Hilly Haalan

Happy Undead



A rummage through my wardrobe would reveal many clothes and shoes by



The rest are single item purchases from places such as;





After the BOM update I am actively searching for quality system layer basics and this is a work in progress!


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I had to stop and think about that. I wear what I like at the time and that changes by how I feel.

In general it seems I go with sexy casual. There are those times I want to glam up (Wild Orchid dresses) and go ballroom dancing, which in SL is more the formal style.Then there are the days when the hormones rage 😵 and I go with a full on CFM style, which is soooo easy to buy clothes for here.

Everyone has listed most of my fav stores... I'll spend some days checking out the ones listed that I don't know. Thanks peeps! 😀

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I am a Dinkie now...a tiny cat with human characteristics that wears clothes, hair, jewelry...all kinds of stuff.

For Dinkies, I make most of my own stuff...but Dinkie Boutique is my most fav.  She is quite a talented texture artist.  I'd say her textures are an 11, 10 being best.  

For hair we Dinkies needed a wider X axis or wider side-to-side...so Bonbon, Tram, and Limerence are some of favorites hairs (hope I have those spellings right).  

Dinkies can wear most of the jewelry and accessories that biggies wear...but again, the best are the ones you get to make yourself, imo.  

When I was a human, Blueberry and Addam's were my favorite.  Magika my favorite hair...though I haven't found an older Magika hair I like for my Dinkie yet.

I think accessorizing adds a lot of "style".  

My style is always "boho"...I am a boho in rl as well...though I like a bit of grunge and "the doll look" in SL too.  

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After i rebuild my alt, from very colorful furry avatar, my human become all white.
Wearing only white color can be tricky and easy at the same time. Prefer elegant and casual style. More simple - best.

Must be high quality of textures and materials.
Most of weardrobe from



others from anywhere, where my imagination and white color takes me

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I settled early on a punk/rock style, favouring leather and tartan, and sometimes more gothic style. With my body shape I don't look good in pants so I stick mostly with dresses and skirts.For hair I like mohawks, and Harlequin-style bunches.

Another firm feature of my style is my body shape; short and plump, as I am in RL. I like to be different, and beung short and chubby is definitely different.

A few days ago, I decided that I didn't want to be human. Because SL is a place where we can be anything, and why not be something else when you have the chance? I didn't specifically plan to be a furry, it just kind of happened that way. So now I am a wolf.

However, I am keeping my punk/rock style and my body shape the same. Ironically, I have discovered that there's a whole subgenre of plump furries with enormous breasts, some of whom make mine look petite, so over in the furry community I am maybe not so different after all...

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I don't have very specific stores that I shop at. I usually buy what I find that I like on the MP. That said,  a store I really enjoy is RIOT or TwoSided. My male avatar has a bit of femininity to him. Usually black clothes. Dresses or long sweaters that double as dresses. Stockings and high heels/boots. Though his style lately because I just haven't changed it yet is ripped black jeans, a belted tank top and high heel boots with chains on them. It's kind of difficult to do anything with his style because despite the fact that I like putting him in feminine stuff, his body is belleza jake because I also don't want his SHAPE too feminine. There are not many options for feminine clothes for Belleza Jake, though, which is why most of what I get is at Riot and TwoSided.

My female avatar...I haven't had it for very long, so her style isn't set in stone. But yesterday I put her in a suit top and pants and she looked really good so I'm thinking similar to her male counterpart, she'll be cross dressing in some way. And she is, indeed, her male counterpart. They're the same person basically, except one of them is a girl. They have basically the same face shapes.

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On 2/18/2020 at 2:25 PM, Matty Luminos said:

I'm not even sure that I have a style, and I don't have many favourite stores. My shopping habits involve trawling the MP for something specific, and I mostly don't really pay any attention to where it comes from.

Quoting myself here because I just realised how much this proves that I am a bloke in RL. 😁

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I love Blueberry and Just Because for denim; Just Because for formal gowns, Candy Kitten for rare times I want kawaii, Insanya for something bit unusual; tops I can find in most stores a top I like but generally my style is dependant on my mood of that day.  Like today in world; I'm wearing sandals, denim capris, tee with ponytail and that works for me today as in mood for casual (you will see picture in another thread shortly) then other times I want sexy sassy so yeah. :) 

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I realy don't have a set style. When I first started in SL  13 ish years ago my wardrobe was heavy on the rockabilly/retro goth/punk look and mainly shopped at Ivalde, Sn@Tch, Artilleri, Thimble , Deviant Kitties , Silent Sparrow, schadenfraude,  Black Maria, Exile with Seven's Wings being my main accessory. Although there was variation in that it was pretty much it. And then I've had alts Iv'e dressed differently.


I also used to rip apart oufits when it was system layers and add on parts- take a top from one thing, take the skirt from a dress and create something new. With fitted mesht he way we have now it's not possible.


Currently there is no set style,  I don't really do more formal looks (not even formal but things like business wear type stuff) and range anywhere from futuristic or fantasy looks to kawaii, punk or casual.  I don't wear a lot of accessories and want to change that and add more in. And I tend toward fantasy skins (mostly Lumae & now Ritual) and mix those with different things. I also have kemono, furry , Tiny, and Dinkie avatars although I don't break them out as much and they tend to be the same kind of way I dress. 


I don't have a  clothing or hair store I am devoted to like I was with Sn@Tch  (seriously I owned about 80% of her inventory at one time) but I primarily wear Lumae and Ritual skins. 


And I change my appearance a lot, not just my clothes but I have done full change of hair/skin/make up/clothes etc and so on multiple times a day...or I'll wear the same thing like 4 days in a row so it depends. And sometims I like to look more androgynous 


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