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Sansar - The Four-Hour Tour - First Impressions of an Eternal Noob

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I've been in SL, off and on, for several years and I had heard about Sansar, but never visited, because I'm a Mac person. Anyway, I had been reading a lot about Sansar lately, so I decided to visit - spent several hours there last night, and went back again this morning, so now I am obviously an expert and entitled to give you my personal opinion....

The Cons:

You can't get there on a Macintosh. I had to ask my son to build me a PC and hook it up to the monitor I use for Wii and Switch before I could visit. Sansar has been around for several years now, why is it only for PC users? Doesn't LL understand that there are people using other systems?

The beginner avatars are not very attractive.

The entry area, The Nexus, is all Tron-like, with futuristic metal and glowing blue neon and I hated it. Also the greeting avatar was a bit creepy, and there only seemed to be one of him to go around so sometimes I had to wait to get another quest.

Initial navigation was by keyboard strokes - I have been using SL navigation so long it took me a while to figure out how to walk...

I did not get a 'sense of place' - you teleported through 'scenes' that were each their own separate worlds.  Apparently scenes could be up to 4096 by 4096 but they did not connect at the edges so there was not a real map, just a menu.

The goat wouldn't let me in the door at the freebie place.

You don't seem to be able to build with prims, and the instructions for making and importing objects reminded me how bad I am at using Blender.

The Pros:

The body and the clothing were easy to customize and I liked the idea that you were limited to five items of clothing.

The avatar moved very well. No duck walk.

You can make your own worlds and decide whether to make them public or not. Placing and re-sizing objects was not difficult.

Visual quality of builds was excellent. Part of this was achieved by the fact that the scene loaded before you landed -  I kept wishing SL looked like some of the places I visited.

My avatar seemed to be able to move past things without getting stuck under something.

You get a free 'home' that you can customize, or you can make your own worlds.

It was good to see familiar names like Loki, Reid Parkin, Chic Aeon, and Moya on the destination guides.

The Learning Experience was pretty straight forward, and in some ways reminded me of the initial tasks in games like Harvest Moon. The animations and visuals were top notch and maintained my interest, even though I'm a bit 'look a squirrel!'.. By the time I had finished all the available quests I had gotten relatively good at walking, running, jumping, and teleporting.

Neutral: The Store did not have as much variety as The Marketplace, and it did not give as much information on products; however, it was easy to navigate. In buying something from a photo that ended up looking tacky I wasted most of my quest-earned Sansar dollars. I should have gone to the store in person. 

There is no sex in Sansar (that I know of), but if I know humans, they will figure something out...There was the usual scrum of avatars hanging around the entry point.

Sansar and Second Life are obviously entirely separate things. I believe that Sansar is a great resource for game designers, because they can create their own worlds and experiences. Graphics and avatar customization are great, and I think would be world class for recreating places like museums, or educational places.

Now I'm going back to SL to build something ugly with prims.




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