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Scylla Rhiadra

Are You Going to One Billion Rising in Second Life Today?

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So, today is the annual One Billion Rising in Second Life event! It's all day long, and only for the one day, with art installations, music, dance, gifties, and other stuff spread across four adjoining regions. And, of course, it's all free.


I always enjoy this event: although it is focused (as OBR in RL is as well) upon ending violence against women, it is always surprisingly upbeat, positive, and forward looking, and some of the installations are absolutely awesome.

I actually have a few personal reservations about OBR and the approaches of its founder, Eve Ensler, which I've blogged about before, but it's hard to fault the cause for which this event stands, and the astonishing amount of enthusiasm and work that the women behind it and the participating artists have put into it.

I'll be there off-and-on for much of today, so if you drop by, look for me and say hi! And if you have any thoughts (or pics!!!) about it, post them here!

https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/OBR DANCE/77/176/24


DISCLAIMER: I have absolutely nothing do with this event: nada, zilch, zero. I have interacted with a few of the people involved over the years, but know none of these at all well, so this should not be seen as a "promotional" posting.

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13 minutes ago, Garnet Psaltery said:

I visited earlier to dance to Edward Pearse's tunes, and I'll be going to the Misfits' performance at 8:30 am SLT.

We (i.e., the thread) has been moved, btw. Not entirely unexpected, but it means that it'll probably be seen by about 12 people.

Oh well . . .

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