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Patron and Land for Moon.Order

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Hi! I am looking for a patron to donate part of their land (free of charge that is) to open my business inworld and help setup. (I have a skybox from an event that I think would be kinda cool for the store!)

I was suggested to look into having a patron to help out with land actually and I thought to ask.

My business focuses on the modern and fantasy of high and low levels in clothing, accessories, weaponry, cosmetics, and perhaps more. I also focus on bodies that needs more support. Particularly Slink, Belleza, Signature, Ebody and Tonic. Maitreya is not included, I think they have enough clothing lmao.

I prefer the patron who is willing to help be a store owner as well. Is PREFERABLE, but not necessary. If you are a fellow store owner, we can grow together and help improve each other. Though it may be one-sided if you are a successful business with high traffic... Think you're doing something right to not need much feedback from me ;). Am willing for improvement and help however. ❤️

Thank you and have a nice day. ❤️ 

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