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HIRING/SEEKING: Public Relations / Investor!

Fanta UwU

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I'm probably going to be seen as a scammer and all by asking this, but... worth a shot? ANYWAYS


I am seeking out ONE (1) Public Relations Manager that is willing to invest into my business as well. With at least a little experience, please.

My business is named Moon.Order and features a wide range of roleplay (RP), high-low fantasy, even delving into modern, clothing, cosmetics, and weaponry and accessories; clothing will be for bodies that have low support. Which... is anything other than Maitreya it seems. So Belleza (potentially all three female and Jake male), Slink (Physique, Hourglass, Male), Signature (Alice, Gianni, and perhaps Geralt). Perhaps Tonic and Ebody included. I also do commissions with reasonable pricing. 

This is troublesome to have my items include all these bodies, but I am willing to work a bit harder for it and learn.

I do this because this is a passion of mine, after discovering traditional art and graphic designing was not for me. I have tried that path and after seeing it was not for me, I got... a little lost. However, with SL in my life and being involved for the past (currently) year ad seven months; meshing has been something I haven't given up on and am willing to continue. 

I only have an MP store at the moment (I will link below), but I am looking to open an inworld store with somebody to help me out with marketing and exposure to boost sales.

I also am seeking out an investor to help me with this inworld store. This is due to not having a RL job quite yet (I am however working on that) so I have a lack of funding. Both for inworld location and uploading new things.

Yes, this will be a paid job, for anything that sells, there is a 40% (fluctuating however, depending if there are more investors but I will try to keep a minimum of 10%) royalty for the PR/ Investor I choose to hire. Not only that, but you will access to what I make for free (these will NOT be transferrable however [If demos are given; those will be transferrable]). These could also be 'blogging' 'photo' material to expose my products.

The profit sharing will be done by the Caspervend system. (I checked to see if they had profit sharing).

The only thing I ask is upkeep of the inworld store (to which I will eventually help pay for; it doesn't have to be an entire sim, can just be 1/4 or a homestead [preferably skybox] of commercial use), opening of a group (which is a 100L fee), and help with uploading costs.

Investors that are not involved as PR can pay whatever they wish; no minimum, no maximum amount. Anything above $L5000 will get a cut of the profits however. HOWEVER; I'm limiting investors that are not PR's to ONE (1) or TWO (2) if that amount is donated. This is to make sure the cut of profits in not too high up there. I prefer to keep a 60/40 percentage. or even 60/15 if shared by two (PR and Investor) or 60/10 (Two investor; One PR).

ALSO; you, the PR/Investor have the freedom to help me improve by giving me feedback and ideas, both PR and Investors. Textures, clothing ideas, etc, etc. I'm pretty open-minded to what people want and suggest, within reason (I don't do NSFW things however. Like furniture of those kinds and 'strip' clothing or clothing that deliberately shows genitalia.)


CONTACT ME AT... (IF You are ACTUALLY serious about this, please!)

Inworld - Fantasia (Muiregwen Resident)


Contact me through personal messages in the forums.


Flickr and Gyazos of my Work (so you don't think its a scam... Pardon my atrocious advertisements. If you are seeking to help at all, feel free to give tips and tricks and other things to help me improve!) 










EDIT: More Gyazos of work (albeit unpublished work)

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you ask funding for everything, even uploads, land, making groups... .. and offer in fact no payment, but only when you sell .. thats not looking for a investor but somebody who has no clue what to do with his money and trhow it in a deep black hole, waiting if it ever throws something back.

A small shop inworld doesn't cost a fortune. I think you should rewrite your businessplan.

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i don't mean to discourage you Muiregwen

looking at your Marketplace store and after filtering out all the gacha resale items then your for sale content is:

4 textures

5 shapes

3 objects

one of the objects is a pair of boots for which there is no demo

i get that you want your own inworld store but I think that you might need a few more products before anyone might go into a formal business arrangement with you

you probably be better off looking for a patron rather than a business partner.  A patron is somebody who, just because they can, provides a small space on their inworld property for you to put a little shop at no cost to you. As a way to encourages you on your creative journey

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Sorry! >.< I did offer that eventually I will help out (or just cover it fully). I am on a path to get a job as barista (or anything that works out really) within the year (I will admit I am in vocational rehabilitation where they help you find a job and coach you through it). But perhaps I will have to wait till I am able to anyways?

I don’t have any demos either due to the fact that I can only afford uploading the full. Which most likely lessens sales (I already had a feeling of discouragement about it and had the thought of waiting a few months for said job.). How I get spare money is by doing small tasks (surveys, tasks on phone apps, etc). But it isn’t a stable thing.

I’ll look into patrons however, thank you!. That will probably help me more than asking all this (which I hesitated on in thw first place but figured it was worth a shot... As you always see on tattoos; no regerts! Hah!). Had no idea that was an actual thing with it being SL and I assumed renting was everything (I have never seen a space for free unless you count free homes for newbies in one of the helping centers as one).

I just figured I needed an inworld store thats searchable to get my stuff out there. Next sale... MAKE DEMOS! Lol, I need to make them anyways. And upload another size of those boots! I claim I support other bodies but its a maitreya boots *rolls eyes* Ah, well. I did make them before fully settling on focusing on other bodies. (That and I made them as a beginning thing >.> I just figured out how to make shoes, thanks to tutorials back then.) My other clothing I made was using hourglass (should really use physique instead as a starting base for resizing!) and gianni.

Anyways! Learned a lesson on this lol. But yes, I’ll look into patrons as well and see if anybody is willing to help! ^^ Thank you for that info!

Though maybe a PR is still needed to save me from stumbles and awkwardness about my store! Lmao!

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just keep on making stuff as best you can. In time you start to sell more things and get some extra money which opens up opportunities for you

pretty much most merchant creatives in SL started out as you have. Doing what they could and beavering away, learning, and growing their store content. So don't give up and just keep on doing



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I'm also going to just leave a bit of advice , you can take it or leave it ..

When i started my store I had even less items for sale, i literally had 3 prims that i set for sale with a shirt in them, i rented a wall for like.. 25L or something at a very dodgy club..I never thought it would lead anywhere to be honest.
but it all started from there , few months later i ended up with a booth, a booth turned into a parcel, a parcel turned into a quarter sim, a quarter sim turned into half a sim and half a sim turned into 3 sims .. but we are 12 years later now... it didnt happen with a lil fingersnap.
it's been a long ride ... that's for sure, i've taken bad advice, good advice .. ignored critique, accepted critique .. the whole shezaam .. been trough managers, admins, co creators, co owners....
But in the end I've always stayed true to myself and i been determined to get better and keep learning ,  i never gave up , even now im learning new things and its been years.
You can't just ask someone to do everything for you and pay everything, you can't pop up a small brand in a day..  (few exceptions)
I've seen small brands grow fast but you just need to sit down a bit and rethink /rebrand and make solid ads , a solid logo, a solid consistant template for products and just keep trying your best, stay connected , follow SL communities, discords, groups etc..
make up a good brand plan for yourself and keep the products coming and things will move forward.
it doesnt take a lot of lindens for uploads , just invest a few bucks for initial uploads , do your test uploads on opensim so its free and have fun with it...
As long as you have fun , enjoy what you do it should not be a lot of effort .. don't put pressure on yourself , dont have too high expectations .. just go with the flow and see where it takes you

Grtz Jaimy ( DRD )

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