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Does Anyone Know This Problem?

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So I made a belt attached (linked to) something. Made a texture and everything.

One problem however..

For some reason the linked belt is off from the texture in Blender.


Blender - https://gyazo.com/35a021877cf1729f4ebc5adc3b8575c3

SL Beta Grid Upload - https://gyazo.com/54908b73915bac9bac357c9d75206519


I went into edit linked mode like I should, had only one material in blender, unwrapped the UV with seams (albeit I am learning how to CLEANLY texturize and unwrapping UVs), and everything I can think of. I even played with the placement of the texture in SL beta grid.

Is this just a fluke of SL, particularly the beta grid, or is there anything I'm missing?

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