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Cara Lionheart

Host Boot Camp - IN ONE HOUR

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What:  Host Boot Camp
Date: Wednesday February 12th
Time: 6pm - 9pm (maybe longer if we need more practice time)
Where: ~ Waves ~  
http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hidden Serenity/132/62/1264

Everyone is welcome!  New hosts, experienced hosts, people who have never hosted but are curious, everyone!  We also welcome any club owners that want to join us and let people know that they're hiring.

What is Host Boot Camp?
We've found that part of the reason there aren't as many hosts available is that some people don't know how, or are intimidated by the idea.  So to help people feel comfortable with hosting, we're having this free class.

We will have instruction time, with questions and answers, followed by practice time, where each person will have the chance to send group notices, and work on stage with a live DJ for a few minutes.

We're just teaching the basics, so that people will be able to work at any club after this and be able to customize their training to work within the club's rules.

And, we're hiring! So anyone who finishes the course is welcome to put in an application at the same time.

Questions?  Talk to Cara Lionheart.

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Will you be holding this again soon?  I would love to attend this.  Thank you so much!


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