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Hello there!

I am happy to invite you to the Grand Opening (Friday) and/or Opening #2 (Saturday) of my new Art Gallery called “The Droverson Gallery“!

..::The Droverson Gallery::..

I want to promote my traditional art on SL and I set up my own Gallery to do so!

The pictures are hand-drawn by me with pastel sticks on black paper.
They feature mostly the actresses Alycia Debnam-Carey and Eliza Taylor in their roles in the TV show "The 100" of Lexa kom Trikru and Clarke Griffin.
There are also drawings of animals and a mask for Dia de los Muertos and I am going to expand my range in the future.

I also drew some animals with the pencil and I could show you the process of how they were created step by step but I don't want to bore you needlessly which is why I'm only showing the end results.

There will also be pictures of Clay Statues I made.

I hope you like what you'll see!

~~ Grand Opening ~~

Day:        Friday, February 14
Time:       11am SLT - 5pm SLT
What:       Pastel Sticks on Black Paper

Where:  The Droverson Gallery 

~~ Opening #2 ~~

Day:        Saturday, February 15
Time:       11am SLT - 5pm SLT
What:       Pastel Sticks on Black Paper
                Drawings with Pencil
                Clay creations

Where:  The Droverson Gallery

Champagne and good conversations are on offer!

There is no need to let me know if you're coming. Just show up and invite your friends! The more the merrier!


Yours truly Tanja Droverson aka Tanya

P.S. Don't forget to join the Group for Updates and take a Landmark


Attached is a little example of what to expect!


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