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Are you able to search for names on People Search?

Prokofy Neva

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Yes, yet another odd thing.

Yes, I have done a clean re-install, cleared cache, restarted my computer.

So People search just isn't working.

No matter what name I try -- names of people who I know exist and are in the People List and my friends or alts, or people I don't know -- there are zero results.

I noticed in the last few days the system was forcing me to "log in" again on the website as seen from inside the viewer every time I tried to send someone an IM.

Often for any type of search, it would show "G" only, and I would have to re-check "M" and "A" to force it to show those results. Even though they are clearly checked off in "Preferences".

I just went to an infohub and clicked on some random people -- for some I had to keep re-logging into search to get the IM box; for others not.

Strangely enough, if I type in "Linden," I get those last names, as if they are on a different server or something.

But no other names.

If I search for "Everything" and "Places" etc -- then I get results.

But nothing on names.

The forced log-ins is an old story, but not getting any search at all is something I have never seen.

Actually, it's more weird than that. It's only "Jagix Linden" that I get if I type "Linden" into people search. Then I get a bunch of random avatar names.

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Oh, well, that's because Firestorm has access to the Legacy Search. The SL viewer does not.

I went to a Linden office hour where it was confirmed by Whirly that yes, People Search is hosed. And so they need to fix it. As always, because there wasn't a JIRA for it, no one was acting. So I hope someone will make that JIRA. I'm banned from the JIRA so I can't do that. But I did my part by sending screenshots and a full write up to the Concierge people and they escalated the ticket and took it seriously. This is not "just my problem" as multiple people now on the SL viewer can see it.  The forced log in is what the search box does to you when you try to search on things -- it returns only "G," and it forces you to re-check "M" and "A" in order to search for places, for example. But on "People" it forces a log on by having a "Log in" text highlighted, as often happens with profiles when you try to send IMs. So you log in, say "remember me" and...you still can't search.

I was thinking all Linden names would show up, but for some reason, only "Jagix Linden" shows up in this broken state, with a list of avatars who mentioned Lindens in their profiles.

Otherwise, you get "whoops"...


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1211 days.

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