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HGMM:I have known you for a long time! I remember hosting for you in SL with Throughthesewalls Moody. A fan favorite at the time was “Baby”, although I seem to remember that wasn't the “official” name of the song then. So much has changed for you over the years. Speaking to you recently, you mentioned that you are phasing out of the SL music scene. I am sure there will be many disappointed fans in SL, however; all is not lost :) You have taken your musical career to a new level in your RL playing with a band called The Juniper Hills Band. Please tell my readers what prompted this change? Why leave SL and how did this band come to be? 

DAVID: I have always had the idea in my head that I would do some solo gigs in RL. I have done some here and there and some open mics in town but never did it regularly. I didn’t have any intention of playing in a band. I always thought I would just be playing as a solo artist. I have had a few people ask me to join their band, but I was afraid to commit to too much. I thought it would be difficult to balance virtual gigs and a band...

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