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What are you listening to?

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I think I just found the song that I want to pop up and surround me  like a shield, when I start to hear the whines of FWP's

Yes, I have a theme going today.. and I think I'll turn it up to 11, because it's one better than 10..



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1 hour ago, CaithLynnSayes said:


I remember  me and a friend were hanging out with these guys that were getting high and we kind of got these room highs.. well not kind of, we did get room highs.. I think they were blowing the smoke at us on purpose though..

Anyways, They put these couple of songs from that guy on that  really makes me remember them any time I see that guys name show up anywhere..

They said to us  that we have to try this.. So they put these really wild songs on.. They both had this really wild kind of build you up and make you see like a spaceship or something..

the first one kind of set the tone .. hehehe

This version seems so short compared to the one I heard, but I'm almost positive it was this song.. I kind of remember more swirling sound for longer, like it has in the beginning though..

They had us lay back and close our eyes and just listen and not do anything but  listen and not think of anything else..

Remember, this is with room highs too..

My friend freaked out and thought she seen a spaceship and screamed.. lol

It's only the beginning that was wild , but she scream before it got to the music part.. the beep beeps is what really kind of turn things up after the first part builds you up..

I was even seeing lights like on one of those simon toys they used to have..

Put it this way. It's burned into my brain from the first time I heard it.. hehehe


Then they had us listen to this and I was like, freaking out, then the last part wasn't so bad, which I think it just went into the last song, but the first part was really scary .. hehehe


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