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What are you listening to?

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The sound of my lovely new heater oscillating on the windowsill next to my desk. My Mother bought it for me for Christmas. I see that it can also be used in the summertime as it also offers cold air. I can control it by remote and change the temperature as well. Has a nice digital display of the numbers.

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by composer, Anthony Sommer, whom is the name of this channel.

"This relaxing music and meditation music is based upon the neural entrainment phenomenon."

I listen to this primarily before heading to sleep. It lulls me to relaxation and into a sound sleep, every single time.

I also enjoy listening to it during my waking hours, as it can help alleviate any tension I am feeling.

I highly recommend having a look at his numerous videos within his channel.


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💝Happy Valentines Day 💝


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I'm listening to a bird sing the same tune outside my window. It has 6 notes and it's not annoying. It's quite soft but also audible for me to pay attention to it. It sounds kind of melancholy. I wonder if it is calling out to its fledglings to return to the nest? Or wishing everyone a good evening. :)

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