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What are you listening to?

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I'm listening to some Gretchen Wilson.  I swear there was a good period of time where I thought she was the daughter of one of the Wilson sisters, either Ann or Nancy.. hehehe

I just wonder what it feels like to go from doing covers to get by, to being on stage with who you were covering..

That has to feel amazing to have that big of a dream come true..


This one I like because it's just a fun song..




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I'm going with the flow of what Youtube is suggesting for me. Interesting though to compare what the different would be wannabees sound like, and wondering who will be lucky enough to be discovered by their own "David Gilmour". Happy Halloween!




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halloween made me do it
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Daddy Cools everywhere! ❤️ The version I have is much shorter as they weren't known to be lead guitar/soloing virtuosos. Vinyl 45 release I presume. 

@Ceka Cianci Gretchen does very admirably with "Even it up" vocals until Ann, within a millisecond, reaches into her grab bag of outrageous immortal vocal abilities and blows everyone away a few times and Gretchen is like -> 😮😄🤩😍


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