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What are you listening to?

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What am I listening to?

I have no idea. Don't ask me how, but I've just discovered this. What is it? I'm told they came from the cast of Starlight Express, which actually dates them less than their band name does, and explains the rollerskating, which I do kind of admire as that must be hard.

Still...what AM I listening to? 

ETA: I think they all must have played Electra.

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It's fun exploring and discovering what "Tuesday's sound" may mean in different genres' idioms. On the third or so iteration of this weekday, we're now getting deeper into different facets of the "Mars sound." There's a driving or energetic quality there that's perhaps well-known; anyone might think of the heavy, almost tribal or ancient rhythms and brass that represent Mars from Holst's The Planets. There's a certain indominable energy that's within its own element? 

But the Mars sound has some other associations too: with the desert and specific times and cultures in the Near East, North Africa, and Moorish Spanish influence. Even, in ways, a sense of expeditionary adventure or even ancient mystery for those as yet unfamiliar with this other world. It can have a real otherworldly quality, but that other world is not etherial for long, it's grounded in its own reality. All these sounds, textures, scales, voicings, and rhythms are integral Western musical idioms of expression and some of its most spirited and inspiring, and it's no wonder they sometimes wind up in "Alternate Reality" use of game and motion picture soundtracks when a rich believably old exotic world's musical sound is needed.

There are many other sounds expressing Tuesday's energy, though. There are many other qualities to consider beside intimidating drumming, but the universal is there's a drive with characteristic energy that fits today better the others.


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