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53 minutes ago, Madelaine McMasters said:

see what the hell goes on while that tune is playing.

Remember the beer-drinking good old boys, taking target practice at zombies for the local news? I think it was intended for that scene but not sure it made it to the movie.

The other funny, not-scary song from the movie was when the mall zombies were initially shown stumbling around, falling into fountains etc. As I recall, that piece had Tubas (I and a DOTD movie fan who introduced me, played baritones in HS band). Not sure that song's on the soundtrack!

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Armenian lyric translation:

A distant and familiar sadness calls us

Like the burning sand brought by the wind.

Brethren and sisters, that are far off, ye shall endure

In an inescapable tangle on our own land.

A memory engraved in the soul and skin

It leaves a scar that will never heal.

Our family is strong, but they broke up

In the space of stars and fields.

We will not leave you.  We must not forget you.  We must return for you.


Edited by Garnet Psaltery
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