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Sort of back from being away a while - not for interviews yet - but anyway, back to share some music. And then immediately a doom metal song!  It's not quite my genre, but I find this song very intense, beautiful and poetic in all its darkness. Amenra is a Belgian band and they sing here in Dutch (yes, in Belgium they speak Dutch, besides French and a small part speak German). The title 'De evenmens' is hard to translate, it's something like: 'The human-for-a-while.'
We are human for a while
With heart and soul
I kneel here now
And give to you
My heart my soul
I see I am looking
A god of flesh and blood
All that fell from me
Like a fallen cloth
With heart and soul
Fell for you
With heart and soul
So fell for you and
I thank you
Pour into tears
See how I get the ashes
Gave the urn to you
I see I am looking
In silence
My own grave


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@Chroma Starlight It's amazing what we were able to do with the old PDP-8.  It had only 8K of memory to work with, so if you wrote a program of any length at all, it would take up so much memory that there was nothing left for data storage.  The workaround, as you could see in that video, was to load the program from paper tape, compile it, and then overwrite the pre-compiled version with any data that you wanted it to chew on. That was a lovely machine, extinct by the late 1970s.

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