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A beautiful voice for a lovely song by a famous and very popular Victorian-era Italian composer, Francesco Paolo Tosti. 

I looked for one example of his work having had this below arrive in my subscription list.  As it's 4 hours long I thought it better not to post it alone. :) 


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I have been watching this pair of streamers for a couple years now..

I noticed this past year that they changed their outro.  They are a cute couple  that have made me laugh and get away from things for a little bit each day..

The girl Jeannie has her regular voice and then she has her anime voice that she switches back and forth to..

Anyways, their new outro I found myself singing while I was at work, only I thought it was something she was singing in Korean..

I didn't realize it was from Something to do with The Lion King..


Anyways, here is the root of the song then the first draft and the evolved version..

I'm thinking of putting it on my phone as my ring tone.. hehehehe

it is a cute song that's grown on me pretty bad..:)


The root and first draft


The finished version.


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