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Second Life; The Sims on steroids.

Petty disputes? Check. Crazy people and shenanigans all around? Check. Simply roaming around like a silly goof (AND offending someone over something minor)? Check.

This track perfectly captures the essence of Second Life. 'Browsing' everything there is to offer at a glorious discount (what cheap entertainment!). Lovely music when you smack someone with a giant *****.

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Since I've given up my tv licence I can't keep up my old tradition of watching the New Year's Day concert from Vienna as it happens; I'll catch up on the Musikverein YouTube channel later.  In the meantime, there's the radio, and excerpts like this.  Prosit Neujahr!


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A couple of good songs that I really like that came on last night and this morning from The Staples Singers..

You can really tell when someone has the Gospel roots.. Those voices are just so powerful and noticeable..

Plus They usually put out a message..powerful words that you can visualize unlike a lot of songs today..

I seen an interview with them and they said they weren't doing the protest songs, but instead message songs..

I used to just really listen to the music, but this morning I really listened to the words and  they stuck hard..



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