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For the longest time I thought Carlos Santana did this song with Chad Kroeger..

His voice is close but not him.. I was listening to it one time and something just didn't match up.. I was like, I don't think this is Chad Kroeger, something is just a bit off.. so I looked into it and sure enough, it ends up being this guy Alex Band, which in all his other songs, sounds nothing like Chat Kroeger..  I think he was just trying to sound like Chad Kroeger, because this song came out around the same time as the one underneath this one..

Maybe he was even influenced  or inspired by him or something.. Either way, I swear I seen him in some boy band or something before..hehehe


Also, Why do so many people not like Nickleback anymore? I think they sound so good.. then one day they became a joke ever since and I don't have a clue as to why. I still like their songs..


And to finish off my Santana fetish today..

1969 Woodstock live doing Soul Sacrifice.. I love when he told the story about seeing the snakes.. I laughed so hard when he makes that face every time now since hearing that story..



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