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I've begun reading 'Imprimatur', which has a delightful addendum listing music referenced in the book.  It's a pleasure to work my way through the works, not least because it begins with an unnamed piece which I take to be an old favourite of mine, Couperin's 'Les Barricades Mystérieuses'.  Anyway, this is a lovely, lively song bidding the singer's heart to return to the servitude of love. 


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20-year old reggae star from the Solomon Islands, Rosie Delmah, on a cover of 'If you gonna lie':

I suspect most of us forget that nation even exists and don't know it's part of Oceania.

Here she is again with Jamaican singer Conkarah - they've been working together since 2015;

A lot of her stuff is covers - hoping to find more of her original work.

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