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What are you listening to?

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Today is George Harrison's birthday, and while I could (and probably should) share a video of him playing his own song, this version from the tribute concert blows my socks off every time because of t

Chick Corea, part of the music of my childhood, has returned to forever...  

Mom and Dad's Favorite...  

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A Korean folk story about catching the rabbit, put to a modern beat.

This is amazingly cool...


I spent a half decade in Korea and used to listen to Korean Folk music because it is so uniquely unusual. Then I saw the country move into K-Pop which was all derivative boy/girl-band line dancing stuff that looked like 'cheap copy of hip-hop like a musical version of an imitation handbag'. But these guys are using all the skills of modern music to re-tell their own music for a new generation. And once again it's finally something uniquely theirs that no one else can do like this.


Another one, my Korean isn't good enough to know what this one is about... O.o



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Твоя песенка спета, колонки молчат
Я сделала больно и покинула чат
Вокруг тебя много нормальных девчат
Но лишь я сделала больно и покинула чат

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