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I just came across this one performance from Heart that I haven't seen in awhile which is one of my favorite to see.. I love watching good drummers and good guitarists at work, but have to admit, I really love seeing women do it so well.. Maybe it's a pioneer thing or something..

With the wind blowing back Nancy Wilson's hair as she plays at the beginning, just gives a feeling of something special happening..

There are better quality versions of this song, but I just really love this performance so much..


Also Gretchen Wilson and Alice in chains and Nancy Wilson doing Barracuda..

I think Gretchen did a great job.. I love her voice and her attitude..hehehe


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I cannot get enough of this soundtrack lately, specifically Kara's theme and Connor's theme, and Now (which has a very 'Inception' vibe). The game is incredible too, in my humble opinion. ❤️

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