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What are you listening to?

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1 hour ago, Pussycat Catnap said:

This one just came out a little over an hour ago:


The same guy as before, Romain Virgo. He turned his actual real proposal to his now wife into a video back in 2018:

They celebrated the birth of this first children; twins, in January of this year.


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2 hours ago, Love Zhaoying said:

How did the topic change from "What are you listening to right know [sic]" , to "What are you listening to"? I feel cheated.

Did it change?  I just go by the title "What are you listening to".

This is what I have just listened to, if that helps.


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1 minute ago, Love Zhaoying said:

Unless he made two similar posts, yes. The original was a spoonerism / non-sequitur ("right know" vs. "right now"). 

Ooh, that rings a bell.  I think you're right, but I'm too lazy to search for it. :/ 

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