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1 hour ago, roseelvira said:


23 hours ago, roseelvira said:

I grew up in PA  and this video is spot on,,,, and yes ,,,  cannot stop laughing ,,,, so true ,,,,,, lolololol


Love Grows where my Rosemary Goes is one of my favourites, not heard it for absolutely ages.

The Pennsylvania Guys video was was educational and incredibly funny. I didn't know anything at all about Pennsylvania except about the groundhog day (and only because of the movie!).  

I am still laughing now as I am typing this. 

Sadly my home town is only famous for rather horrible things - we used to be famous for having steel manufacturing and processing works, an abattoir, and a horrendous dental clinic, now we are notorious for some historical crimes - oh and we may be the wheelie bin capital or Europe!

I am going to play this video again, I need the laughter. Thank you roseelvira :) 

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