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Today is George Harrison's birthday, and while I could (and probably should) share a video of him playing his own song, this version from the tribute concert blows my socks off every time because of t

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18 hours ago, Garnet Psaltery said:

@Lyssa Greymoon , I was prompted to look for more mechanical keyboard sounds.  This video has made me think my next keyboard will have Cherry MX Blue switches instead of my current Brown.  The Blue gives me an ASMR tingle :D 


This was kind of nice to wake up to this morning.  My thoughts had been wandering off over to the bad place.  I did have some software on my laptop that gave out audible typewriter keyboard sounds, which I would use if there was nobody else in the house, and that, for me, was very ASMR.  I like the sound of electric typewriters - Olympia and Adler are my favourites. The Adler is so firm and definite. The IBM golf ball typewriter just does not have the same appeal to me.  

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