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What are you listening to?

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Mom and Dad's Favorite...  

Today is George Harrison's birthday, and while I could (and probably should) share a video of him playing his own song, this version from the tribute concert blows my socks off every time because of t

@Jerilynn Lemon  

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I recently posted Lead Belly's "Where Did You Sleep Last Night", followed by Nirvana's cover. Both are wonderful. I grew up listening to Lead Belly's 1927 recording, but I've long been aware of the same song in other genres and with different names. Garnet just posted Bill Monroe's "Body and Soul" which reminded me that Monroe also did it.

Here's Monroe's take as "In the Pines", a significant departure from Lead Belly...

The underlying stories are variable, but the melody always wants sadness.

Here's an example from the "Longest Train" branch of the song's family tree...

The blues versions of the song are, to me, darker and more powerful. Here are two more.

Terra Lightfoot charges pretty hard, right from the start...

Lena Hall hews close to Curt Cobain's interpretation, but (for me at least) is better able to take advantage of the element of surprise. I know Cobain's a screamer, so I'm half expecting an explosion. I'm new to Lena's work, so though she hints at her ability as the song progresses, she still caught me completely unprepared...

Ain't music wonderful?

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There is usually one or two older Chinese men in Boston Common playing this two-string violin-like instrument, and they really piss off one of my co-workers. I happened to see them yesterday, and told her that they sounded fine to me. "That's because you have no idea what it's supposed to sound like," and she sent me this:


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On 9/9/2019 at 4:30 PM, panterapolnocy said:

I am that strange person who does enjoy to listen to music generated by flatbed scanners, modems and floppy drives. And also, who does like Queen.


I don't watch the majority of videos that are posted here, mainly only those where something really stands out in the picture or the song title, or in what the poster says about it (or because it's a song or artist that I really, really like).  This was really amazing and unique (and wonderful!).  It had not ever occurred to me that those types of devices could do recognizable covers of songs.  Very cool!  Thanks for posting this!

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