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What is the most interesting thing you have created using the experience tools


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I am curious how far some of you have taken it?. What neat things have you made using the tools?

My current combat system I am working on is experienced based with auto attaching and a grappling hook that auto sits you. But, I bet there are some really neat things out there

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a circa 1900 dancehall wallflowers app, made for a friend

the wallflowers (avatars) attired appropriately for the scene, sit together on a bench along the side of the dancehall. Demure animations (again appropriate for the scene) are played on the avatars while they wait to be added to a patrons dance card

patron comes, HUD autoattaches. HUD lists available wallflowers.  Patron picks a wallflower. Transparent flat plate prim is rezzed at patron's feet. Patron is autosat on the prim. Wallflower is also sat on the prim.  Patron and wallflower dance. When patron releases wallflower, wallflower is resat on the bench. Patron unsat from dance pad, dance pad deleted

from this basic design a second app got made for the same friend.  A garden chase game, same circa and attire scene

wallflowers go into the garden thru a portal gate and wander about in the garden. Portal registers them as a wallflower. Patron comes thru another portal gate. Gets a HUD which lists available wallflowers. Patron chases and tries to bump (catch) a wallflower's avatar. On bump then same as above. plate prim rezzed, both avatars sat. Animations played are demure, twirl the wallflower around, toss up in air and catch, dance together, etc

there was scope to add more adulty animations but my friend never did that. Just wanted a fun playful scene

the third thing, again for the same friend, was a court dance. Avatars get a HUD, pick Lead or Follow, autosat on the single dancefloor plate. Avatar positioned in the chosen line.  Dances like Pavane, Allemande, Courante, etc. Dance partners periodically swapped depending on the dance. Dancers changed formation again depending on the dance.  Transitioning from rows to squares to circles and so on. Vector to vector plotting with appropriate animation to make the formation changes smooth           

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2 hours ago, ItHadToComeToThis said:

Damn molly...that is interesting. Best use of experience tools I have seen to date. Is your friends sim open to the public I kinda wana see this in action 😅

is my friends home region so I would have to ask them

the apps tho, are not all that different from their equivalent normal permissions versions

like the second one (the chase game) is a interpretation of an Intan couples dance.  Instead of rezzing 2 poseballs, rez 1 and use force sit rather than manual sit. Once sat then the dance menu works pretty much the same. The portals are just a cool way for the participants to give permission to participate. The bump (collision) triggering the force sit

the first is the same as the second dance wise. By sitting on the bench the wallflowers give permission to be chosen.  Returning them to the bench afterwards is just a cool effect

the 3rd is an interpretation of a multi-sit device, not a lot different from AVSitter conceptually.  Having the avatars moving smoothly into different formations while being animated I did with a VecLinePlot function which I posted a version of the other day, here:

how to Experience-manage a bunch of agents that can be animated as a group, I posted a framework a while ago here:




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I doubt my uses of Experiences are all that interesting, but here are a few anyway:

  1. It's always bugged me that diving and swimming require so many mouseclicks irrelevant to water fun -- so my Bellisseria houseboat detects when anybody is in the water and (with the AVsitter experience) temp-attaches a slightly dumbed-down version of Thor's freebie swimmer HUD; then, if you swim up to a net that's dangling off the side of the boat, another experience force-sits you on an invisible prim that you climb, ladder-like, up the corner of the houseboat, unseating you at the top where you can step onto a diving board that detects your collision and force-sits you and offers a menu of dives; choose one, dive, and repeat the loop by swimming back to the net. (Annoyance: no grid-scope experience, so swim outside the parcel and you drown.)
  2. My various traffic maps (SLRR, Bay City Transit, etc.) rely on grid-wide communications mediated by the Key-Value Pair persistent store of an Experience. There's still HTTP communications from traffic probes back to their rezzing servers, but those rezzers are on Experience-enabled land so they can write directly into the KVP store, and the maps too are on Experience-enabled parcels so they can read from it. (Annoyance: no grid-scope experience, so can't use that KVP-based communications for a traveller's traffic map HUD.)
  3. That same Experience is used for a little network of "teleport domes" around the SLRR. Step on one of them and it shows hovertext for two or three destinations you can teleport to by stepping through the dome in the direction of the destination indicator -- so just basic llTeleportAgentGlobalCoords() except that the teleporters register themselves and their destinations in the KVP store, so the network was easy to grow by just adding a new dome and linking destination hovertext prims with any domes that should be connected, and within-region repositioning is just a few script resets. (Annoyance: no grid-scope experience, so no point generalizing this because all destinations must be on Experience-enabled land.)

Perhaps a pattern of annoyance emerges...

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I've been operating a game in The Wastelands for about 13 years now.  In summary you run around our estate looting crates for salvage, and you can fight other people and creatures.  You can use whatever you loot for other parts of the game, or to trade with other players.  But it's mostly for crafting stuff.  When Experiences came along I took full advantage of it.

  • I use Temporary Experience Attachments for:
    • Game HUDs so that I can push out updated game code without everyone having to update their inventory.
    • HUD overlays for several special effects, for example: tripping out on certain purple and green mushrooms.
    • Quest items and HUDs are also temporary attachments.
    • External Attachments (limb and body) for visible Damage over Time effects, like fire, bleeding, radiation and poisoning.
  • I use the KVP for storing persistent player data, inworld server information, information about game items, and occasionally longer quest data.
  • I use teleports to:
    • Move people around when they "die", teleporting them someplace safe.
    • Teleport players to and from topside places to "underground" or "internal spaces".  For example a fake cave entrance will TP you to a much larger cave system.
    • Most impressively, I use teleports to make a homestead have 10x the area of of land by clever teleport mapping when people encountera region edge.  Head to The Sand Seas and keep walking south, then south west until you're lost. :)
  • I have used forced sits to have some of the bigger nastier creatures in The Wastelands carry you away for special seasonal quests.

Currently, I have about three distinct daily quests that people still find entertaining.  They pull from a lot of random variables and require players to pay attention.  I also have special seasonal quests that I host.  They all heavily lean upon all aspects of Experiences.  The special seasonal ones use them a lot more.

Once EEP is finalized I will be using that all the time, and replacing most if not all HUD overlay effects.

Right now I am putting the finishing touches on updating one of the nastier things people might encounter.  Let's just say it's going to be leveraging everything to give people an MMO quality boss fight. ;)



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