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KatHeartsong Kaos

Z axis of some items rezzed from inv reset


This is a new one on me... I've tried different items from my inv in different browsers (catznip & firestorm) and I've looked at everything in my build menus. I'm stumped, it just started happening tonight: I take an item from my inv, put it on the ground, try to rotate it a bit and after a split second it reverts to its original rotation/ z coords.  that I laid it out at... IOW: z position cannot be altered on  some items rezzed from my INV.

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First thing to check: Help menu -> About [browser name]

Right at the bottom of that window, look at your packet loss.

Next: Shift+Ctrl+1 to bring up the stats window.

Again, look at your packet loss and also ping time. Look especially for large peaks in ping time.


What happens is that the message about your changes don't reach the server. You see the change at first since it is handled locally initially but after a second or two the server overrides the change with outdated info.

If you have a lot of packet loss but fairly stable ping time, it's probably a connection problem. You can try to reset your router and see if that helps but the problem may be somewhere in the conenction lines far away from both you and the server and if that is the case, it's very hard to get it fixed.

If you have fluctuating ping time, it's probably the server that is struggling to keep up. Restarting it will help but the problem may be a sign the sim is overloaded and if that is the case, it won't take long before the problem reappears.

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