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Hello lovelies,

I wanted to start by introducing myself firstly. I am Dahlia and am UK based. I am a game playing, shopping obsessed ginger!


Myself and my friends who are also based in non-US time zones have noticed whilst there seems to be a lot of the grid logged in from 12am SLT onwards, most places are empty in SL (or at least the places we are looking!) so this has peaked my curiosity, and I wanted to ask the following questions;


- What do you do from 12am - 8am SLT?

- What kind of places do you visit?

- Would you go to events during this time?

- What kind of events would you go to?

- Would you be interested in joining an inworld group that is strictly non-advertising, but more of a community to link people in non-US timezones together?

- Are you already a member of a group of this nature?

- Do you have a business that would benefit from attracting avatars from non-US timezones?

I'm not sure as yet where I will go with the answers to these questions, but it's certainly something I've spent a lot of time thinking about, and wanted to see if there was a way we could come together and help!


Thank you



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I'm in world most often from 5 or 6 AM SL time through noon to three in the afternoon SL Time. I say SL Time because I am in the same time zone as Linden Lab, so using time zones is usually not a very good indicator of in-world schedules. (Just saying).

I'm open to anything, even wise, or so on, as long as it's a genuinely friendly gathering and not so cliquish like most clubs, role-play regions, music venues, etc., and that it can be a soloist affair, unlike romantic places or ballroom-dancing places where I feel like a totally-ignored fifth wheel. And, finally, not a stand-around in silence throwing IMs to see which stick for a booty-call hookup type of place like so many have become.

Other than these things, I'd be game for anything. Because SL feels a lot like it has turned into more of an anti-social platform than the opposite over the years.

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I'm in Scotland and I spend most of my SL time either streaming live music or looking for new venues to potentially play at. Timezones are very much a factor - most venues operate their schedule to US zones but I can't perform after 2pm SLT out of consideration for the neighbors - even if I kill the monitors and exclusively use cans playing an instrument and singing still makes noise!

Of venue owners that specifically do cater to our timezone, our Dutch and French friends, in particular, seem to be strongly represented among those venues operators.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 232 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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