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Seeking Interior Decorator / Landscaper / Sim Builder

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Do you like to decorate spaces and / or landscape?  Have you got an eye for detail and making spaces look "lived in"?  Would you like to decorate with a vast inventory of furniture / decor at your disposal?  Interested in getting involved in an ongoing and expanding project that will allow you to let your creative self out?

If so, then you should contact me, Dorian Meredith.  Contacting me by in world im or notecard is best.

I'm looking for someone to decorate indoor spaces ( small homes ) to begin with, using my vast and ever growing inventory of items from high quality stores such as Apple Fall, Dutchie, Loft, Backbone, Stockholm & Lima etc.  You're welcome to use your own items as well, though its preferred that be kept to a minimum to avoid too much overhead in buying new items.  If all goes well with the interior spaces then the next step will be to decorate / landscape entire sims.

A large workspace is already set up and available for you to use.

If you are also a photographer / blogger that does interior design photography all the better as I am also looking for someone to do sales pictures for my mesh prefab store, by Dorian


You must be reliable and able to complete tasks in a reasonable amount of time.

You must be fluent in english.

You must be able to decorate to meet certain themes / genres ( ie a masculine space or a more feminine space )

Payment for services will be provided and is negotiable.



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I'm highly interested! I have a bit of experience in decorating outside of SL and I'm still working on my own land but it's very much something I have been praised on. I am also a photographer! 




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I have two pictures here, one of them, I have designed it in out of SL, Homestyler (online software) and the other one is my SL home Bedroom. The SL home bedroom, I designed consists of items from different category styles. There is no theme in the bedroom. I like to mix and match stuffs, but I don't mix and match every stuff that doesn't go with one another. I am interested in taking part in this. I am not an interior designer blogger, and not a pro photographer too, I just do the photography thingy for fun, and I am still learning, it.

If you'd like to contact me in world, my legacy name is: karenx0

Thank you. ♥



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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 393 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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